Personality Coaching & Profiling
for Ballet Dancers in Germany

Discover your uniqueness - shape your success

Dance through life's stages with the same vibrancy you bring to the spotlight.
Personality coaching nurtures your resilience and adaptability 
in every life performance.

Your Personality in the spotlight

Taking the stage: When Personality Coaching & Profiling helps dancers shine

Are you eager to translate the skill and poise from the studio to the stage, performing with a confidence that erases the very notion of imperfections?


Are you determined to bounce back stronger and more skilled than ever following an injury, eager to regain your peak form?


Do you seek a harmonious connection with your dance company, where your artistry is recognized, and your creativity flourishes in line with your vision?


Is your goal to gracefully manage the pursuit of perfection, turning it into a motivating force rather than an overwhelming pressure?


Should these challenges mirror your own dance journey, rest assured, you are not taking this performance solo.

Scheinwerferlicht auf der Bühne genießen

By using these powerful tools, you can delve into the intricacies of your character, uncovering strengths you can leverage and areas for growth that can enhance your performance. Personalized coaching can help you rekindle your motivation, find balance for your personal needs, and build resilience to overcome injuries and setbacks.


With the insight gained from a comprehensive personality profile, you'll be able to approach your dance practice with renewed confidence and strategic awareness. You’ll learn to silence the whispers of doubt and to embrace your rightful place in the spotlight with conviction. 


So let's step away from the wings of hesitation and dance towards the center stage of self-awareness and actualization, where challenge becomes an opportunity to shine brighter.

This is where Personality Coaching & Profiling comes into play

Sonja von Droste

My connection to dance

Supporting dancers was always a matter close to my heart.


During my past tenure at the The Stuttgart Ballet as Personal Assistant to the Artistic Director, I was intimately involved with the ebbs and flows of a dancer's life – from the physical toll of intense rehearsals to the emotional pressures of performance and competition. I understand the unique challenges that dancers face, such as overcoming performance anxiety, dealing with the uncertainty of contract renewals, and managing a career transition when the time to step away from the stage arrives.


As a certified Cognitive Coach and certified Personality Profiler Coach, I leverage this deep understanding to help you navigate your professional landscape more effectively. Utilizing personality profiles and cognitive techniques, I empower you to maximize your unique strengths, building confidence and resilience. Whether it's overcoming self-doubt or managing the stress of competition, my coaching provides tailored strategies to maintain mental and emotional balance, ensuring your artistry flourishes alongside your personal wellbeing.

My Services


Personality Coaching empowers you to navigate the emotional complexities of your art, enhancing performance resilience and nurturing a mindset geared for both artistic excellence and personal well-being.


Discover your true potential on and off the stage with Personality Profiling, designed to help you harness your unique strengths and step into the spotlight with confidence.

Personality Profile
Career Transition

The Career Transition Personality Profile is designed to provide you with support in finding a new and fulfilling path that resonates with your passion and life's next stage.

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